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Local Cancer Resources

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This section provides information on local cancer services and support. These resources are a combination of free, low cost, and fee-based services.

If you can't find what you want, please call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-ACS-2345. The American Cancer Society can help, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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Resource CategoryDescription
Cancer Types(219 resources)
Resources for people with specific types of cancer
Care Giver Resources(199 resources)
Resources to help support family members and other caregivers of cancer patients 
Childhood Cancers(52 resources)
Resources specifically for those dealing with childhood cancer and their families
Education Resources(258 resources)
Cancer education classes, lectures, seminars and materials for the general public and those affected by cancer
End of Life Resources(125 resources)
Help preparing for the end of life
Financial Assistance(193 resources)
Cash assistance and programs that provide subsidies for basic needs
Food and Nutrition(217 resources)
Food shelves, meals, nutritional supplements & nutrition counseling
Genetic Counseling(25 resources)
Counseling services and/or testing information for hereditary cancers.
Hospice and Palliative Care(111 resources)
End of life care, including pain control, symptom management and family support provided by specially trained staff either at home or in a hospital-like setting
Housing(138 resources)
Financial assistance with rent or mortgage payments, temporary lodging for cancer patients undergoing extended treatment and/or their family members
In-Home Services(115 resources)
Support provided for patients and their family members at home
Legal Assistance(40 resources)
Free or low cost legal services
Medical Equipment(68 resources)
Supplies and devices used in the care of cancer patients
Medication/Medical Assistance(74 resources)
Help to obtain free or low cost medications and/or medical care
Physical Appearance(175 resources)
Help with clothing, makeup and wigs
Smoking Cessation(69 resources)
Help for people who want to quit smoking
Support Groups and Counseling(401 resources)
Group meetings for cancer patients or caregivers to share their experiences and individual support from a person with specialized training
Symptom Management(178 resources)
Resources for dealing with pain and other symptoms during or after cancer treatment
Transportation(134 resources)
Rides to and from medical appointments for cancer patients
Complementary Care(142 resources)
Complementary resources for dealing with pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue and other physical or mental discomfort during or after cancer treatment (includes spiritual, massage and alternative medicine)
All Local Resources(1308 resources)
This includes all the cancer resources from every category for the state of Minnesota. This may provide you with a complete listing of over 1000 resources, or be narrowed by entering your zip code or city name