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Cancer Rehabilitation Services - Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
Abbott Northwestern Hospital
800 East 28th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Contact Info:
612-863-4446, 888-691-0045

Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute offers comprehensive cancer rehabilitation services in partnership with Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s Virginia Piper Cancer Institute.

Cancer Rehabilitation Physician
Their Cancer Rehabilitation Services includes a rehabilitation physician (known as a physiatrist) specializing in cancer care who works closely with each patient’s cancer treatment team. The physiatrist performs a history and physical examination on each patient, tailoring this evaluation to the physical effects of the type of cancer, the treatment (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) and their impact on life functions.
Other medical conditions specific to cancer patients, such as swelling (lymphedema), fatigue, skin problems, pain, joint stiffness, weakness, paralysis, balance problems and swallowing problems, are also assessed.
The physiatrist will then design treatment intervention. Diagnostic tests, including X-rays, scans and other consultations are ordered as needed. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, equipment and special garments as appropriate will be prescribed.
Individualized therapy and exercise that is tailored to each phase of cancer treatment will be recommended as appropriate.
Both inpatient and outpatient consultations are available.

Collaborative, Patient-Focused Approach
Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute and Virginia Piper Cancer Institute have joined together as a Lymphedema Treatment Program certified by the National Lymphedema Network.
The Institute’s providers refer to other resources at Abbott Northwestern, Such as a nutritionist, an audiologist (hearing evaluation) and an exercise physiologist.

Cancer Rehabilitation – A Team Approach
Services for individuals with cancer at Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute include: include physical therapy, lymphedema management by certified therapists, exercise for improving strength and range of motion, occupational therapy, strategies for improving daily living skills, speech-language pathology, exercises to strengthen oral & pharyngeal muscles, positioning strategies, diet modifications, improve speech, neuro-muscular electrical stimulation (vital stim), psychology services, vocational consultation.

Lymphedema Management

Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute of Allina Hospitals & Clinics offers inpatient and outpatient lymphedema management programs at Abbott Northwestern Hosiptal.

Lymphedema can be treated by reducing swelling and infections, establishing new pathways for lymph fluid, reducing scar tissue, and improving strength, range of motion and use of the arm or leg.

A rehabilitation physician (known as a physiatrist) who specializes in lymphedema is available to patients.

A physical therapist with advanced training provides treatment based on an individual’s needs. The therapy may consist of: Manual Lymph Drainage, Compression Bandaging, Exercise, Education, and/or Compression Garments.

An examination and referral by a doctor is necessary to correctly diagnose lymphedema and to begin physical therapy.

Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is a Leader in the Interdisciplinary Approach to Patients

Last updated: 1/20/10

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