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Breast Center - Saint Luke's Hospital Duluth
915 East First Street
First Floor, near the 10th Avenue East Entrance
Duluth, MN 55805

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Dates and Times:Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:30pm
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Providing high-quality, comprehensive breast care services including screening, education, outreach and care coordination.

By educating women about the importance of early detection, we hope to increase the number of women practicing breast self-exams and receiving mammograms-ultimately reducing the number of lives beast cancer claims every year.

Saint Luke's Regional Breast Center is the only facility in the region to offer the latest technology of the digital mammography offered. It is most beneficial for women under 50, women with dense breasts of any age, and those women who are pre and peri menopausal.

By decreasing the amount of time between an abnormal finding and final diagnosis, we hope to reduce the worry women go through while they wait. Many times, an abnormal finding is not cancerous, and the sooner a woman know this, the sooner she can get back to focusing on her life. And if she does have cancer, a treatment plan can be formed and put into action.

By assisting and supporting breast cancer patients throughout their care, we hope to make their journey as comfortable and comforting as possible. Being there to listen, answer questions, connect to resources, provide support and more, helps patients through this difficult time in their lives.

Care Coordination
A nurse specialist in breast health and cancer is available to all patients. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, she will meet with you and your family to answer questions, coordinate care, provide support, link you to resources and help with any physical or emotional needs. She is a resource to each patient before, during and after breast cancer treatment.

Education and Outreach
Education is an integral part of the Breast Center, because people need to know that early detection through breast self-exams and mammograms can increase treatment options and save lives. Our staff members are involved in various community events to help educate women, and they work with community groups to educate and screen underserved women.

Last updated: 2/4/10

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